Curio Cottage

Designed by us in 2016, Curio Cottage in Santacruz is a 2000 sq.ft store with an ethnic aesthetic that is sure to transport shoppers to a different time and place. The store’s warm and inviting atmosphere is a perfect showcase for the unique collection of beautifully crafted jewelry.

Curio Cottage

Designed by us in 2018, Curio Cottage Colaba is a 3000 sq.ft store with a stunning ethnic theme with a modern twist. The use of vibrant colors and bold patterns adds a touch of contemporary flair to the store’s ethnic ambiance. Shoppers are sure to be impressed with the wide variety of exquisite jewelry and […]


Designed by us in 2016, Caratlane is a 1500 sq.ft modern store located in Aundh, Pune. The store’s sleek and minimalist design makes it the perfect backdrop for showcasing the brand’s stunning collection of contemporary jewelry. The store’s sophisticated and understated ambiance is sure to appeal to shoppers who appreciate elegant and refined design.


In 2022, our team designed the Burberry store located in Colaba, Mumbai.  Spread across 3000 sq.ft, the modern store has a sleek and sophisticated design that is a perfect match for the luxury brand’s high-end fashion and accessories. The store’s clean lines and minimalist aesthetic create a refined and elegant atmosphere that is sure to […]


Baaya Lower Parel, designed by us in 2018, is a store space that truly showcases the best of traditional and contemporary Indian art. The store’s design elements combine the warmth of traditional art with the innovation of modern design, resulting in a space that is both welcoming and forward-thinking. Spread across 1500 sq.ft, the store […]


Baaya Andheri, designed by us in 2020, is a store space that beautifully showcases traditional and contemporary Indian art. The 2500 sq.ft space is designed to be warm and inviting, drawing in visitors and creating a sense of connection with the artwork on display. The unique mix of traditional and modern design elements creates a […]

Azeem Khan

Designed by us in 2015,  the Azeem Khan store  is a 500 sq.ft minimalist space located in Khar, Mumbai. The store’s clean lines and minimalist aesthetic allow the brand’s exquisite collection of contemporary fashion to take center stage. The understated ambiance is the perfect complement to the elegant and sophisticated designs on display.